November 08, 2016

A problem affecting both the young and the old

There is one particular problem I have noticed affecting both the young people and even the old, and this problem is mainly found within the average people, it's a type of negative mindset that has eaten deep into the life of many, taking their mind off struggling for success, this is a very big problem and people needs to stop it. THIS PROBLEM IS THAT PEOPLE ALWAYS THINK THERE'S A NEGATIVE INFLUENCE/POWER BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN. either he is a ritualist or that he is engaged in any negative act. seriously I see this as a problem, because your mind will continue telling you, there's no success in life unless one engages himself or herself in any negative activity. which is totally wrong, this has made people remain below their level, because they settle for less, this problem has to be solved, and in order to solve it, we have to understand that no matter what stands behind a man's success, there is nothing to replace BURNING DESIRE/DETERMINATION, HARD WORK, SETTING OF GOALS,ETC. we all have our own destiny, our own future, so we are totally different what worked for another may not work for you or it may work for you in a different way and for me I don't bother about whatever that's behind your success, what matters to me is that motivating story you tell, that keeps me going. And what even bothers me the more is that those affected with this problem, they are not born again (saved by Jesus ) , they are not into anything, they are just there whirling away there time, settling for less instead of going for more(that is in them) because of this many has lost their potentials and the gift deposited in them. too bad, please my people lets try looking at the positive part of things, if you are of christ, pray as if it all depends on praying and work hard as if it also depends on hard work, even God himself will not be happy if you are in the middle of everything, setting for less when he has given you the power to achieve more.


Stop looking or imagining the negative part of ones success, let your focus be the positive aspect. my loving advice is "life is too short to imitate others", "please you have your own life live it but don't forget we are all heading for the end" PLEASE READ AND SHARE >> THINK POSITIVE LIVE POSITIVE

November 06, 2016

Wiskid wins MTV EMA best African Act

The singer beats African music top artists Black Coffee & Cassper Nyovest from South Africa, Olamide and Ali Kiba of Tanzania to claim the award. Congratulations baba nla @ you deserve it.

PHOTOS:cute pictures as basketmouth celebrates 6 years marriage anniversary


Really cute pictures wishing you more joy ,good health, more money and above all love.

Lolz - SnowBooks Owner Henry Ijogu Turns Pastor After Receiving This Message From Scammer (Beware of this Number)

Lolz - SnowBooks Owner Henry Ijogu Turns Pastor After Receiving This Message From Scammer (Beware of this Number)

October 31, 2016

List of three (3) blogs ready to assist you to become successful in blogging

This is actually a list of three blogs I have really benefited from as a blogger this blogs is unique because apart from one ,the others is not focused on bloggers but.
still they are out and ready to help you achieve your dream as a blogger.below is the list of the blogs a little about it and the owner.


The is a tech blog with articles on ANDROID, INTERNET, FACEBOOK AND WHATSAPP.

THE CEO- CHUKS passionate about android, internet,Facebook and what's app ,and he is really good in it,if you are having problems in any of these things relate to him ,am sure you will be happy you now apart from that he helped me establish my blog, because I have been having problems on how to create a blog in blogger ,no solution but when I related to him he helped me out, his advice is great!.



is an all-encompassing Nigerian news site that provides a platform for an active, multicultural Nigerian audience to consume and interact with compelling content and unique digital experiences. PeoplesGist chronicles celebrities (and blogs), lifestyle content, entertainment news, fashion, music, and politics with an authoritative voice.

The CEO:Henry Ijoguis a friendly type ,he said in one of his post in Facebook that he is out to help young bloggers gain their stand ,though his blog is about Video, news and music, he still uses it as a medium to help young bloggers.
he drops many give away gifts to bloggers (one of which is here in my blog) weekly, so if you relate to him he will surely help you!.

Here am focused on the blog ,the blog is totally passionate about bloggers ,so if you are new to the business relate to this blog, be active and try the methods it will share with you and you will see yourself progressing.
These is not all but just some ,this one is tested and trusted. My pleading to high bloggers is please help out ! Please your opinion is highly needed ,if you have yours let's share it.

October 29, 2016

PHOTOS:T-pain arrives Nigeria

The singer is set to host the Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party today Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos. There were so many Nigerians excited to see him at the airport when he landed.

The number one (1)solution to a problem people don't notice

This particular solution is just what one needs sometimes to solve his/her problem, but people always neglect it and jump into looking for other solutions, and this is much more common among us the youths and teenagers. we rush into solving problems even without trying to understand it in particular. So what am I saying? the number one solution or should I say step to solve a problem is actually UNDERSTANDING IT .no matter how good, brilliant, wise, smart, etc you are, the very first thing you most do to solve your problem is to understand it, very important. in all aspect of life. okay, let's us look into some few of the .


In the part of academics, first exam, when you are given a question or a problem to solve, may be lets take for instance maths, and you fall to understand the question in particular, first you will never find the formula (solution) to solve it, even if you do, it will take you much time, and you will be making too many mistakes, and at the end you will find out you answered few questions because you wested your time in one, plus all the headache that will be added to it. so you can see the disadvantages, okay, so people may be having problems in school, maybe they find it difficult to crap things they are been thought in school, instead of trying to know or understand the problem, he or she will start believing that someone is maybe spiritually behind it. wrong! the problem maybe due to your lack of seriousness back in your early school days. okay. lets us also use maths which this type of problem is commonly found, so lets go on, if in your junior secondary, you were then unserious and you always miss class, due to that there are some steps you missed which you never covered, when you meet problems which needs you to make use of that step you can't, and that's your problem. so you see? going through education is like one filling holes, or pits, and I bet you anyone you miss, one day you must surely come back to fill when you have problems in your academic life, try to reflect on your past very important.


Some people have problems in their business today because of their past mistakes, but that's not the issue here, the thing is that man has lost all hope, due to them trying to solve the problems even without understanding it, there by looking for solutions in the wrong place .


In life problems come in different ways and sometimes, that same problem you solved sometime ago, may still be the one repeating itself again, but if you don't understand it, you go on the wrong way and when you do, the problem may now multiply .just like in school,teachers may repeat a question they have asked you before but in a different way. all you need here is understand it and use that same step you applied before in the first one and solve this word of advice is "understand a problem,then look for the right solution to it" problems don't come to be, but if you let it go without solving it, it comes back with many others. and also it does not come to leave you the way you are before but to leave you better or worst. which depends on how you solved it, and you solving it with the best solution depends on, if you understand it.or will I say how you understand it.

please this affects everyone in all aspects of life.


Disappointments is never an excuse or suremark for failure.

Yes!, I, said it, people these days always allow the disappointments they face in life bring them down, they let everything that people do to them in a negative way bring them down in life. Someone failed you okay fine, you die because of that? no! my friend prove to that person,that you are strong and can never be disappointed, infact make him or her or them to regret ever disappointing you, not by trying to avenge or do anything stupid, just put yourself together, be strong, pay them back with your story of success, maybe you were underestimated by friends, prove to them you have passed that level, by becoming successful in life. or maybe your friend snatched your girlfriend or boyfriend from you, or your friend left you for someone else, become successful (maybe in your next relationship or in life ) and make them come back begging, but please don't have revenge in your mind but just let it motivate you to do more and not weigh you down. This is why say to everyone, think positive, because you can be advised through insults, yes! am the one saying it, but you can only notice it when you have a positive mindset, so what am trying to say is if people say bad words to you, (in every nonsense there is a sense) trust me that's the truth, check for the motivating words he or she has said to you without even noticing it (*the person insulting you*)and make use of it then come back later say "thank you" to the person. am not going to say much on this but the thing is

September 23, 2016

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